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Managed Care Consultants (MCC), was formed in 1997 in order to create customized employee benefit solutions for small to large employers. MCC is comprised of consultants, account managers, and administrators.  The company’s philosophy is simple: listen to the client, conduct excellent research and analysis of the current benefit programs, and develop customized solutions for each client.  These results not only satisfy the goals of Senior Management, but also those of the “front-line” employees.  With MCC’s customized support system our clients are guaranteed to receive 365 days of support and detailed consulting services.

Our firm strongly believes in education and communication in all areas of the health and welfare industry.  We educate our clients in terms of how the insurance companies compensate the broker and consultant, how the insurance companies’ create their rates, plan designs, and market specific products.  We educate the client by benchmarking their benefit programs in comparison to their competitors and how they compare on a national standard.

Our business model is to provide “more for less”, which means we are able to offer our client’s new employee benefits and value added services for free.  We are able to do this because of our extensive knowledge of the industry, long-standing relationships with strategic partners and our ability to operate a profitable business with modest profit margins. 

  Evan PancoastEvans Pancoast has lived in the Philadelphia area for his entire life.  Evans attended the University of Maryland, he earned a bachelor’s in Economics, he returned to the Philadelphia area because he believed it to be one of the best areas in the country to live and work.  He has been involved in sales, marketing, and sales management for approximately eighteen years focusing in the health care industry.  His previous employers include Keystone Health Plan East and Aetna.  After several years with Aetna as a broker-consultant manager, he transitioned to working with a largest brokerage/consulting firms in the Philadelphia Marketplace while additionally working independently as a consultant to other brokers and consulting who desired to work with an expert in the health and welfare field.  Evans then created Managed Care Consultants (MCC). 

Having worked for the insurance carriers and earning a master’s in Health Care Administration, Evans knowledge of the industry is thorough and detailed.  He was and is appointed for several companies as a consultant totaling approximately 15,000 employees in over 50 states and in several countries outside the United States.  Evans’ goal is to always achieve and create a benefits package and support system that allows his clients to offer the best benefits available- satisfying the CEO, CFO, as well as the hourly employee.  He has been involved with all aspects of MCC since its inception and focuses on clients that are multi-state with diverse workforces and in need of extensive consulting solutions and extensive support.