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As an Employee Benefits Consulting Firm, MCC will provide you and your company with a wide range of services to not only enhance your employee benefits, but also provide you with solutions that will introduce immediate savings.

Groun Bene
  • Access to 100+ Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability carriers across the country
  • Plan Implementation
  • Benefit Meeting Coordination and Administration
  • Online Enrollment
  • Eligibility Management
  • Ongoing Benefit Administration
  • Customer Service Support including Claims Resolution Support
  • 800 Call Center
  • Billing Reconciliation
  • Semi-Annual Audits (More Frequent if Necessary)
  • Renewal Administration
  • Benefit Reports Education
  • Wellness Campaigns
  • Monthly Newsletters and Marketing
  • Language Translation Service (Live and Written)
  • Coordination as needed with any in force Benefit Vendors
Individ Bene
  • Access to 100+ Medical, Prescription Drug, Dental, Vision, Life and Disability carriers across the country
  • Benefit Consultation
  • Plan Implementation
  • Customer Service Support

MCC partners with a Third Party COBRA Administrator and services include:

  • Ongoing COBRA Administration and Legislation Updates
  • Track enrollment and premium payments
  • Inform participants of all premium rate changes
  • Periodically verify participant's eligibility
  • Update all participant information
  • Carefully monitor election periods and participant time frames;
  • Provide a Certificate of Coverage detailing benefit history with the employer
  • Produce and issue the letters necessary to properly administer COBRA medical and health insurance administration plans to all participants
  • Initial New Hire Notifications
  • Qualifying Event Notifications
  • HIPAA Notifications
  • Provide you with monthly eligibility and participation reports
  • Maintain COBRA medical and health insurance administration plans activity documentation

MCC partners with a Third Party Flexible Spending Account Administrator and services include:

  • Cafeteria POP
  • Medical FSA
  • Dependent Care FSA
  • Commuter Reimbursement Accounts
  • Free Debit Card for Medical, Dependent and Commuter Accounts
  • Discrimination Testing
  • Plan Implementation
  • Ongoing Administration
  • Eligibility Management
  • Customer Service Support
  • Implementation and Renewal Benefit Meetings
  • Generate Objectives
  • Benchmarking
  • Manage Financial Risks
  • Improve Quality
  • Create Total Benefit Strategy
  • Devise Payroll Contribution Strategy
  • Review and Auditing  Payroll Data 
  • Handbook Development
  • Monthly HR Newsletter
  • 24/7 Access to Benefit Essentials (comprehensive library of HR and Benefits information)
  • Design New Hire Packet
  • Design Termination Packet
  • Fringe Benefit Analysis
  • Plan Health & Wellness Campaigns
  • Design HR Materials as needed
  • Develop Employee Surveys and Analyze Data